Claires Journey.. Almost time!!

Today we are handing the blog over to the lovely Claire, we have been following Claires Journey for nearly 12 months now, from setting the date  to the venue meltdown avidly to see what has been happening, with less than a month to go we’ll hand it over to Claire!!

Almost time!

Hi there.

Well our ‘big day’ in Canada is now just 28 days away and the UK party is in just 60 days so we’re getting to the most exciting part of the process.

After the horrible venue meltdown I am happy to say that we eventually got some compensation and, more importantly, got the venue to re-write their terms and conditions to protect future couples from the misleading sales experience that we had. Our new venue has (fingers crossed) been trouble-free and all of our reception guests are booked in and as happy as they were ever going to be!

As we are an older couple with an established home we decided not to ask for presents but instead we asked our guests to pick a music track that they would like to dance to at the reception. Although some found this quite a challenge, the end result is a fabulously eclectic playlist that should ensure a great party on the night and a lot of good memories for the future. The first dance is also sorted but is a closely-guarded secret. All I can say is that, like most of our wedding, it is not a traditional choice.

The dress is ready and I’m picking it up this week (squee) and I have almost finished accessorising too. We have ordered the kind of chocolate cake that you want to go face down into and I have my final numbers so all that’s left are the party favours and a few bits of crafting to make the reception venue a little more personal.

Organising my wedding has been a roller-coaster ride and, despite almost twenty years in the event business, there have been times when it seemed quite over-whelming. That’s why it’s important to spend these remaining few weeks focusing on what really matters – my fiancé and the life we want to build together.

Back after the event with some photos!

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